Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bomb Threat Closes South Austin University

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Authorities evacuated buildings Tuesday at St. Edward's University after a threatening note was found, a school official said. The bomb threat came a day after a Virginia Tech student killed at least 30 people locked inside a classroom building in the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history. Police officers had secured the perimeter of the campus and were searching the buildings, university spokeswoman Mischelle Amador. [...] Students who live on campus were being allowed to return to their dormitories as police finished searching each building, Amador said. Faculty, staff and all other students were asked to stay away from the campus, and morning and afternoon classes were canceled.

Is this somebody's idea of a joke? "Hey, what the hell, let's capitalize on the nation's current paranoia and get all of today's classes canceled! Yay!" My dad called me as soon as he saw the news. They had mentioned that the bomb threat was at an Austin university; there was no mention of any specifics. Now, all eyes are on us. I just hope this settles and very soon; I'm about to graduate and I really don't need any unwanted knocks on my door.

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