Monday, July 2, 2007

Goodbye Ms. Touch

I scurry, I hurry back
I can't run
I stumble, but keep going
I get there
You're caged
I would've pictured you enraged,
but you're as calm as an oblivious canary

I hesitantly call out
There's no way it's you
Once a free spirit,
now circumscribed,
barely alive,
a concubine willingly confined

What about the lines
that you designed?
What about the finds
you left behind?
What about me?
Selfish, I know

After all, there wasn't much
A couple of words, flirts and such
A memory or two of me and you
And a tattoo on my back of your touch

I guess now it'll just be me
I'll keep it beating
I'll make you proud
I'll float
You will care
You will be proud
I hope

I guess the doubt was the only way out
Perhaps you couldn't fight anymore
It's ok, it's fine
I will find mine
Somehow, someway
Not today
But for now,
between you and I,
it'll be goodbye

Track of the Moment:
Counting Crows - "Goodnight Elizabeth"

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